Solutions for mobile, broadband and broadcast

Robincon provides consultancy services  within telecommunication, broadband and broadcast. Our clients are operators, authorities, investors, vendors and organizations from private and public sectors.

We provide high quality decision support by adapting to the client's priorities and background and simplifying complexity into clearly executable strategies.

The opportunities with 5G, IOT, Smart City, AI, NFV etc are overwhelming for everyone. But if you have a clearly defined business objective, it will be much easier to sort out the real value from the buzzwords.

  • We believe that communication capabilities will become embedded in all kinds of everyday products and that this will add significant value and opportunity.
  • We believe that all kinds of industries and sectors will have to consider how to build awareness and intelligence into their products and services. 
  • We believe that exchange of information, and thereby communication, is the foundation of awareness and intelligence on the larger scale.

Solutions for mobile, broadband & broadcast